Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why do men always think they can have their cake and eat it, too, when it comes to having both a wife and mistress?

Why do guys do this and how they managed to get away with it???

emm sound todays trend is the guys overrated girl when it comes to cheating issue..and it become horrible when the men had already got a beautiful wife and kids..Just look for our role model Tiger wood..followed this habit by Ashley cole, Carlos Tevez, Jesse James etc....

however, there are certain type of girl who still can stick and forgive to their men even this 'cheating' problem happened. look at Elin wood, she's strong women and mother as she could forgives her hubby cheating cases..but for cheryl tweedy its against her rule..she became the most inspirational women as her divorce story goes a top of head news. she dumped her hubby and its not her fault as Ashley cant find way to control his cheating habit.

in my opinion, this type of men is still having less maturity in their thinking cause they easily 'eat their cake and have other cake at the same time'..sound very cruel..whats your opinion?

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