Wednesday, March 24, 2010

trip to penang

my 2nd time experience in Penang. for the 1st time was about took the oath ceremony as welcoming new postgrad student. this 2nd time I had a lab work in life science faculty at Scanning electron microscope lab..the journey is very tiring cause I arrived at Sungai Nibung terminal around 4am in the morning (supposed to be my sleep time) but I there accompanied with amri waited until 8am to go to USM penang.

8.15am arrived at the electron microscope lab. wah cant believe USM got FESEM..such a cool thing cause can produce woderful image. here the FESEM image, cant wait to share with u all.

this is sputter coater. gold coating the sample 1st b4 viewing under FESEM! nice..its true gold!

pose with FESEM

the samples after finish gold coating..wut a nice look..=)

scene around the lab
view from outside USM

this is the penang bridge view from the bus..shiny2..

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  1. bestnyea...bleh la ajar nak guna mesin sem tu ? :P...pelis..~



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