Thursday, February 19, 2009


Definition : Any treatment of tissue necessary to impregnate them with a solid medium to
falicitate the production of sections for microscopy.

Aims : a) to embed the tissue in a solid medium

b) to enable the knife to cut the section with little damage to knife or tissue

4 major steps :

1. Dehydration

2. Clearing

3. Infiltration and Impregnation

4. Embedding


50% Alcohol - 1 ½ hours

70% Alcohol - 1 ½ hours

80% Alcohol - 1 ½ hours * can proceed to overnight at this step

95% Alcohol - 1 ½ hours

100% Alcohol I - 1 ½ hours

100% Alcohol II - 1 ½ hours

100% Alcohol III - 1 ½ hours

Equal Alcohol and Toluene - 1/2 hours

Toluene - Overnight

Paraffin I - 2 hours

Paraffin II - 2 hours

Paraffin III - 2 hours

Thursday, February 12, 2009

spain won against england~

wow! marvellous.. spain made it again as european champion. no one can ever beat them.. with the world class of keeper, spain won by left zero to the opponents. haha. it's good to see villa plays well and also new 'fernando' makes a head kick for 2nd goal. spain really work as a team and they play very well. all are balance with spain whether striker, midfield, defend and keeper. if they play like this in each game, i possibly can say that they could win the world cup champion. but can they win against historic champs brazil?? still mystery and can't wait to watch international friendly match between spain and brazil cause they both have a great and talented players in the world.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

how to distinguish cells microscopically in endocrine system

here I got some tips to distinguish certain cells in endocrine part microscopically (H&E stain):
1. acidophil (hypophysis)- red colour
2. parafollicular cell (thyroid)- small cell between follicles, hav cytoplasm and nucleus around it.
3. chief cell (parathyroid)- purple colour
4. oxyphil cell (parathyroid)- red colour with cytoplasm
5. centro-acinar cell (pancreas)- look like fried egg shape, between acinus cell.

the winner is~

yesterday I had came out with the list of nomination for new manager of chelsea. then the winner is Guus Hiddink (Russian coach)..=).. OMG.. thank god it's not avram grant. but hiddink will hold the title for temporary period only until end of this season. then, who will be the next chelsea manager?? can't wait to see..always surprise happen in chelsea club..~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

roman fires big phil!

it's a sad day for scolari as he gets fired by chelsea owner. but for a long term view, I do beleive that scolari was not suit for chelsea club. chelsea need another good coach to win the epl title back again. but hope the players not getting shocked or frustrated due to roman's decision. among the potential candidate to become chelsea new coach:
1.Guus Hiddink (Russia coach)
2.Avram Grant (ex-chelsea coach)
3.Gianfranco Zola (west ham manager)
4.Carlo Ancelotti (ac milan manager)
5.Roberto Di Matteo (former chelsea star)
6.Sam Allardyce
7.Sven-Goran Eriksson
8.Jose Mourinho (former chelsea manager)..but does he wants?? of course not!
9.Roberto Mancini
10.Frank Rijkaard (former barcelona boss)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lamp free and Ron loves get boo

I was so happy to heard that Lampard has been freed from his red card. It's a good news but at same time I felt unhappy too cause chelsea still miss a chance to win against Liv just because Riley's eye problem and 'super cheater' Alonso.. so next time, ref should open their eyes wide and think twice b4 come out with the red card especially to chelsea player. meanwhile, I really attracted by ronaldo statements that he loves get boo by rival fans. tought that he will loss his focus during match but it's opposite. he really likes boo sound.. =) so next time, it will be no problem if man utd play match in rival place. .

haha love this article saying about liverpool

I pick this article from Manchester united official website.. here it is:
Paddy Crerand welcomed Liverpool's last-gasp win over Chelsea on Sunday.Prior to the Anfield clash, Sir Alex Ferguson had joked, "I hope they both lose, that would be a good result." But although the Merseysiders later emerged with all three points, Paddy still feels it was a positive outcome."Liverpool winning didn't bother me," said Paddy, in his Monday night show on MUTV."I would have preferred a draw but the one thing I didn't want was a Chelsea win because I think they're a bigger threat. I think Chelsea are a better all-round side than Liverpool."Optimistic fans of United's arch-rivals might point to a possible omen following Sunday's match, but Paddy won't be persuaded."There was a statistic on television, I think from Andy Gray (Sky Sports), that when Liverpool last did the double over Chelsea, they won the league. They've done it now this season but I honestly don't think Liverpool are a threat in the title race."The threat to United now is United themselves. Injuries and things like that are the only problem now. I fancy United strongly to win the league championship."
get off my back liverpool!..=)

Monday, February 2, 2009

poor chelsea~=(

this morning I watched the match bet. chelsea and liverpool. It's has been a tough time for Chelsea after red card throwed by ref to frank lampard. i really think that the ref maybe had colour blind coz he can't differentiate the red and yellow colour. try preview again and again the game, lampard did not has an intention to injured alonso. he just want to protect the ball. such a shamed and i really hate liverpool at this time. the hatest club in the planet would be i can't wait to see liverpool lost under manchester united. i support manchester united with 100% of hope. save your handkerchief, liverpool!! have one game in hand and still on the top spot. don't ever dream to catch the big fish when u can only afford to have small fish..haha. =)..I'm so tempered coz this morning, one of my friend send me a message and call chelsea as 'chelshit' club..u save your bad mouth friend! and whatever!.. ok see u in next macth.


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