Wednesday, March 31, 2010

heroine or tobacco less addictive compared to JUNK FOOD?

from the title above, u might be surprise as junk food much more worse than heroine or tobacco?..I have just read one article from the web..this results have been proved by recent research on rats by Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter..they fed the rats with cheesecake, bacon and sausage..all these food are high in fat calorie and after certain period, the rats showed addictive final proof, the rats were given an electric shock, however surprisingly the rats not showing any fear to the punishment, but the rats continue eating the food as they have been addictive and passionate to the junk overwhelming! other group of rats were given heroine and cocaine but the brain scan results showed more addictive strentgh to the junk incredible..thats the power of junk food..u better be careful on what u eat!..stay a healthy lifestyle..beautiful is happy=)

*(pictures credited to google)

Rooney injured! good news or bad news?

Criiiiiingggg...clock is alarm..what a huge surprise to heard that the Man.U hero striker fall in ankle injury last night while played against Bayern in CL..hmm there are good news and bad news when I first heard about this..ok ok what if we start with the bad news?..

the bad news:

of course Capello and all of England supporters will hope and pray that Roon can make it to the World Cup..its bad for England team if Roon miss the world cup action..poor Roon..hope u can make it to the world cup!

however, here the good news:

wowwy, great news for chelsea!..=D..Man.U will play without Rooney this Saturday match against the blues..Chelsea, u have got this big opportunity so u better use it to the devil as their one man down they cant make it..start training very well Chelsea..hope u can catch the 3 points ahead..=) beautiful is happy!

p/s: Roon u better take a full rest along until the end of EPL u can make it to the world cup..=)..good for Chelsea..LOL=D

*picture credited to The Sun.UK

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taylor swift wins 2 awards in Kid Choice Awards 2010! yay...

wowwwyy..Taylor won big at KCA 2010 last night..she grabs 2 award, favourite song 'you belong with me' and favourite female!..unfortunately she's not around at the award as she had a tour concert at the exact time..its ok Taylor, you rocks!..her bff, Selena gomez also do won an award for favourite tv actress..and her ex lover Taylor Lautner also took homr 2 awards..hmmm cant believe people around TayTay also do lucky as her..its really great thing happened!..

Britain's oldest dad revealed secret eating banana

Gerry Burks is the oldest dad in the Britain at the age 74..u might wondering whats the special secret of this oldest dad...hmm its got to be banana!..Gerry thanks to his passion for banana that he became the oldest dad in the Britain..wanna know the fact about banana:

"Banana are rich in zinc which is essential for healthy sperm. So, Gerry eating habits may have contributed to his fertility as well as his overall good health" Carol Cooper

Gerry adds: "I eat lots of bananas and always have done - sometimes a couple a day. I don't eat much salt and have home-cooked food".

Monday, March 29, 2010

English Premier League footballers not the richest on the planet?

hmmm, I have just read an article from what a surprise fact!..EPL not the richest team on the planet,, guess who?? it got to be the NBA team at 1st place..

here the rank for best-paying leagues:

1. NBA
2. IPL
3. Baseball's MLB
4. EPL

EPL fall at no.4..hmm quite surprising me..then this next ranking that I'll show also make u surprise..the question is: Who is the top paying sport team in the world (by average of 1st-team pay)??..

the rank:
1.NY Yankees
3.Real Madrid
5-10 all American team
14.Manchester United

wah cant believe Chelsea at 4th place..=D..beautiful is happy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baskin Robbin or banana split ice-cream??

which one do you prefers? is it Baskin Robbin ice-cream with crispy waffle or banana split?..hmm for me I choose both as long as its ice-cream..haha..I love everythings about ice-cream..these images are the proof how ice-cream could seduce your appetize..enjoy eating ice-cream..beautiful is happy!


make your choice..=d

seventh heaven goal

fantastic chelsea and frankie lampard last night!..what a massive goal from chelsea..wonder how Zhirkov got the 2 penalties for Chelsea..wahaha..really out of normal thinking..but even without Drog, the team showed good job last night as Wilkin said 'even one drop, the other still on form'..hmm looking forward for next chelsea game against Man.U..hoping good news from CFC..=D! happy Earth hour from Malaysia!!..

Round round around Wakaf Che Yeh, Kelantan

for this weekend, I had a wonderful time with my friends. guess where we're going??..we played around wakaf che yeh this weekend or also famously known as 'WCY' in Kelantan. our 1st main was to visit the Batik here we are at the Batik Shop known as Man Collection..Batik was popular item around the east coast of we grab a chances to 'borong' all the Batik here..hahaha =)
on the way to WCY

view from the Man Collection

varieties of beautiful!

memorial picture at the Batik shop

pose with the big boss (black shirt)..=) got lot of discounts

Saturday, March 27, 2010

weekend meal..

this is a collection meal for this weekend from me and my friends..hmm I love everythings about food. but to cook, truely said I'm not a good at cook however good at eat..hehe =)...wonder wuts the varieties weekend meal that me and my friend had explored? are the weekend meal:
delicious waffle truffle...mmmm=p

spagetti roll roll..wowwwy

emm daddys seafood styles...waaaaaw

emmm complete package this one...

I really had a great time enjoying these weekend meal..emm lets try other meal next weekend!!..=p

Friday, March 26, 2010

Poll Results for Carlo Ancelotti

finally the viewers are on Carlo site according chelsea defeated early round in Champ league against Inter..

The poll question is:

After Chelsea's CL Exit, Do You Think Ancelotti Is The Right Man For The Blues?

Yes: Inter Were Just Better On The Day - 59.48%

No: He's Losing The Plot - 40.52%

Taylor Lautner or Cory Monteith?

seems Taylor swift was in pyramid love between Twilight hunk and Glee star..hmm, previously TayTay has been caught played bowling together with Cory Monteith and now she caught out having a lunch with Lautner..oh gosh TayTay..both are absolutely gorgeous and attractive..u need to choose either one..=S...

I do really love TayTay back together with Lautner..both Taylor looks cute together like heavenly match..but its up to you TayTay!..I always support your music..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roberto Mancini and David Moyes in a fight!

Its unexpected thing happened in Eastland last night when Mancini was roughing-up with Moyes at the touchline..the incident happened while having a match against Everton with everton lead 2-0..according to Mancini, its started while Moyes catch the ball and hold it too long as he got only 5minutes  left at that time and want to catch the time before the match ended. both of them were sent off by referree and still in argument for the FA decisions..hummmmphh look like a child want to snap a ball from the other child..


picture credited to

Big goals for Chelsea!!..

Fantastic game by chelsea..welcome back Cech..we miss u truely!..chelsea played very well last night with victory 5-0 over portsmouth..maybe its the end for potty but good luck for them..drogba really show his strikes ability when it comes to goal last night and a part of that, its malouda who also shines last night..i'm so only 1point clear behind the devil..move on chelsea!..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

new Eclipse Poster 'Twilight' stars

I love twilight!..cant wait Eclipse to come out this a glimpse of new Eclipse this poster, Kristen moves forward between Robert and Taylor..Kristen looks stunning in this poster..=)

Why do men always think they can have their cake and eat it, too, when it comes to having both a wife and mistress?

Why do guys do this and how they managed to get away with it???

emm sound todays trend is the guys overrated girl when it comes to cheating issue..and it become horrible when the men had already got a beautiful wife and kids..Just look for our role model Tiger wood..followed this habit by Ashley cole, Carlos Tevez, Jesse James etc....

however, there are certain type of girl who still can stick and forgive to their men even this 'cheating' problem happened. look at Elin wood, she's strong women and mother as she could forgives her hubby cheating cases..but for cheryl tweedy its against her rule..she became the most inspirational women as her divorce story goes a top of head news. she dumped her hubby and its not her fault as Ashley cant find way to control his cheating habit.

in my opinion, this type of men is still having less maturity in their thinking cause they easily 'eat their cake and have other cake at the same time'..sound very cruel..whats your opinion?


this time open your eyes widely..try to guess these person. u will be surprise to get to know the answer..=D

image 1: specky girl

image 2: innocent look

image 3: wow very big hair

image 4: look very intelligent girl

keep guessing..

oook here are the answers

image 1: charlize theron is the specky girl before this =)

image 2: nicole richie not so innocent in this image

image 3: pamela anderson lost her big hair =D

image 4: the punk princess avril lavigne lost her spectacles..=S

trip to penang

my 2nd time experience in Penang. for the 1st time was about took the oath ceremony as welcoming new postgrad student. this 2nd time I had a lab work in life science faculty at Scanning electron microscope lab..the journey is very tiring cause I arrived at Sungai Nibung terminal around 4am in the morning (supposed to be my sleep time) but I there accompanied with amri waited until 8am to go to USM penang.

8.15am arrived at the electron microscope lab. wah cant believe USM got FESEM..such a cool thing cause can produce woderful image. here the FESEM image, cant wait to share with u all.

this is sputter coater. gold coating the sample 1st b4 viewing under FESEM! nice..its true gold!

pose with FESEM

the samples after finish gold coating..wut a nice look..=)

scene around the lab
view from outside USM

this is the penang bridge view from the bus..shiny2..

Monday, March 22, 2010

2-layer bandung drink & Wakaf Bharu Sate

this time I had a chance to taste Wakaf Bharu Sate and special 2-layer bandung drink..all this happenned around travelling in Kelantan. here you can view the 2-layer Bandung drink. the upper is a bit dark pink while the lower part is much lighter the pink colour. the taste will be even good when your mix it well until the two layer unite into one colour..=D

Then, here is Wakaf Bharu u can see its very yummy especially the 'kuah' / gravy..taste good when you dip the sate slowly into the gravy. then u can taste the mixture of the sate with the cant imagine how tasty it is. also come with ketupat and slices of cucumber there..

wedding gallery

I love wedding's beautiful and eventful things happened..I would love to share this sweetest event to you...=)...its good to share good things to people!..


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