Monday, March 22, 2010

2-layer bandung drink & Wakaf Bharu Sate

this time I had a chance to taste Wakaf Bharu Sate and special 2-layer bandung drink..all this happenned around travelling in Kelantan. here you can view the 2-layer Bandung drink. the upper is a bit dark pink while the lower part is much lighter the pink colour. the taste will be even good when your mix it well until the two layer unite into one colour..=D

Then, here is Wakaf Bharu u can see its very yummy especially the 'kuah' / gravy..taste good when you dip the sate slowly into the gravy. then u can taste the mixture of the sate with the cant imagine how tasty it is. also come with ketupat and slices of cucumber there..

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