Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rooney injured! good news or bad news?

Criiiiiingggg...clock is alarm..what a huge surprise to heard that the Man.U hero striker fall in ankle injury last night while played against Bayern in CL..hmm there are good news and bad news when I first heard about this..ok ok what if we start with the bad news?..

the bad news:

of course Capello and all of England supporters will hope and pray that Roon can make it to the World Cup..its bad for England team if Roon miss the world cup action..poor Roon..hope u can make it to the world cup!

however, here the good news:

wowwy, great news for chelsea!..=D..Man.U will play without Rooney this Saturday match against the blues..Chelsea, u have got this big opportunity so u better use it to the devil as their one man down they cant make it..start training very well Chelsea..hope u can catch the 3 points ahead..=) beautiful is happy!

p/s: Roon u better take a full rest along until the end of EPL u can make it to the world cup..=)..good for Chelsea..LOL=D

*picture credited to The Sun.UK

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