Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baskin Robbin or banana split ice-cream??

which one do you prefers? is it Baskin Robbin ice-cream with crispy waffle or banana split?..hmm for me I choose both as long as its ice-cream..haha..I love everythings about ice-cream..these images are the proof how ice-cream could seduce your appetize..enjoy eating ice-cream..beautiful is happy!


make your choice..=d


  1. Singapore don't have Baskin Robbins unfortunately!! But I have ever tasted their ice cream when I go overseas, and it's nice! But expensive too!! But, I am not fussy, whatever ice cream will do!! hehe!

  2. Singapore dont have Bakin Robbin? hmm I quite surprise to heard that..but its ok, u can come to Malaysia and eat lots as u want..from the pics above, its about RM15 per cup..yeah quite expensive but the taste very nice! love it..tq sacredscarlet..



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