Monday, February 2, 2009

poor chelsea~=(

this morning I watched the match bet. chelsea and liverpool. It's has been a tough time for Chelsea after red card throwed by ref to frank lampard. i really think that the ref maybe had colour blind coz he can't differentiate the red and yellow colour. try preview again and again the game, lampard did not has an intention to injured alonso. he just want to protect the ball. such a shamed and i really hate liverpool at this time. the hatest club in the planet would be i can't wait to see liverpool lost under manchester united. i support manchester united with 100% of hope. save your handkerchief, liverpool!! have one game in hand and still on the top spot. don't ever dream to catch the big fish when u can only afford to have small fish..haha. =)..I'm so tempered coz this morning, one of my friend send me a message and call chelsea as 'chelshit' club..u save your bad mouth friend! and whatever!.. ok see u in next macth.

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