Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is This Mee Rebus?

hmm quite shocked when the menu I ordered was totally different from what I expected..I used to eat mee rebus in my hometown at Johor. Now, after so long I haven't met the mee rebus, I found one shop who got this menu on its list. Without any hesitation, I ordered the mee rebus..then after 10 minutes..jeng jeng so surprise as its not the mee rebus-looked..anywhere I have to finish it as I have ordered it and guess what, the taste just same like 'mee sup'..=( just bare in mind: sometimes we have to explore to tried the outbound taste to get the sweet experience..


  1. itu bukan mee rebus sebab nana pon suka mee rebusss... itu mee supppp... adeh tu yang nana kurang kenan kalo pergi kedai makan ni kekadang.. (T_T)

  2. nie adalah mee rebus orang belah pantai timur, kalau mee sup diorang lain..



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