Monday, April 26, 2010

hmmm no idea just my highlight for today

nothing much happen for today..but certain things that highlighted my day today..

1. Chelsea won 7-0 against stoke..that was a great play by my team =)..I want to watch the highlight match in my favourite football highlight video (footytube) but arggggh tension cause got internet problem in my lab area..then I went to my friend's lab hopefully can watch the video..argghhh tension again..the internet line was not the problem but they are too genius cause they block all kind of entertainment site..but is football included in entertainment list? hmmm cant understand..then I wait for tonight to watch the video..hugghhhh tension broadband loading like turtle..even turtle can be much better than this..=(..when can I watch this brilliant highlight..cant wait..have to be patient..maybe around 11pm the line is clear hopefully..

2. met with my co-supervisor and he returns back my proceeding book..we talk, discuss, questioning, answering..blah blah blah about 30 minutes,,..

3. updated my chapter 4 for my thesis..hmm quite happy cause got some improvements..I have touch up my graphs and figures..

4. felt new tune from selena gomez 'the way I loved u'..slow melody but nice..=) wait wait just now I said I'm bored, but why I listen to this kind of song? hahah I also want to laugh..maybe this is my weird attitude..doing more boring activities can get less boring..haha

5. want to go to 7 eleven to buy my fav mag (womens weekly) but not have chance cause rain not stop from morning until evening..make me feel slow to go out..huhu..

hmm thats all I guess my cotcet...beautiful is happy =)

*sorry no pics..will upload more pics in next post..=)

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