Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stop at Noodle Station!

hmmm as I weekend meal!..I stopped by at noodle station as suddenly my appertize want noodle for lunch,,hehe^^..I ordered spring noodle with chicken loaf+egg and for drink I chose Au Nature..I kinda like the drink very much,,^^~...Au Nature = raspberry + lemon, give the taste of sour sweet..

 ~Au Nature~ (the drink comes 1st)

~spring noodle with chicken loaf+egg~got 3 dumplings also~

both are together..ready to eat=)

see the noodle look a bit curly..yummy beautiful is happy=p


  1. hihi, nice pic..
    but I don;t really like noodle station ahhaa..

  2. TQ WENDY for dropped by my blog..haha this is oso my 1st time exp at noodle station!=)



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