Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chelsea claims top spot after win over The Red Devil heart beating so fast while watching the match between Chelsea and Man.U at The Old Trafford..Felt great when Joe Cole hits the net on 20mins gave opening goal for Chelsea! then, Drogba switched to replace Anelka then gave a 2nd goal for Chelsea..goaaaalll..although I also admitted that Drog almost offside or already offside..however Chelsea did make it..from the analysis review here the mistakes that I revealed:

1. No penalty for Man.U as Park Ji Sung felt in the penalty box
2. No penalty for Chelsea, Nicholas Anelka who was tackled by Neville in penalty box
3. One yard offside goal from Didier Drogba for the 2nd goal
4. Clearly hand ball by Macheda for Man.U goal.

however, these are the most talk behind the match..the score revealed chelsea deserved the win in Old Trafford..and proved that Man.U was like one man team as played without Rooney. glory chelsea!

ooouh dont like this look..

beautiful is happy! =)

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