Wednesday, December 31, 2008

lymphatic anatomy lab

today I have lymphatic anatomy lab for the 1st yr graduate students. the most importance to take note is the histology of the lymphatic organ and tissue. there are 4 : lymph node, tonsil, thymus and spleen.

1. lymph node - have capsule, trabecula, subcapsular sinus, subtrabecular sinus, cortex, medulla, lymphatic nodule with germinal centre.

2. tonsil - have 3 types (pharyngo,palatine,lingual), stratified squamous epith, capsule, lymphoid nodule with germinal centre.

3. thymus - no lymp nodules, rich with lymphocyte, T cell mature here, cortex, medulla, hassal's corpuscle

4. spleen - red pulp (RBC, cord, sinusoid)and white pulp (lymphocyte, loose lymphoid tissue)

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