Sunday, December 28, 2008

hi =)

my name is siti fathiah. u can call me yaya / fath / ct.
born in JB now lived in KL.
have worked for bout 7months in UKM KL. Luv my job much.
in my spare time, like to try new recipe experiments.
I love to listen to mp3s especially taylor swift musics-soo beautiful
love cat and teddy bear much. can say animal lover too.
simple minded person and not so complicated.
love to watch EPL n of cos Chelsea no. 1 fan..=p
favorite colour is blue, white and also pink.
i don't like people who are annoying and backstabber
future plan, to fulfill my hope to complete master n Phd degree.
do believe that people still have chance to change if they could find the chances.

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