Monday, January 12, 2009

another lost!..bad time for chelsea..=(

I didn't had a chance to watch Man.united vs Chelsea last night.. But I do received goal alert from Maxis.. I think it's a miracle that I didn't watch the match coz Chelsea made another lost and now it's so awful with 3 goal stabbed by Man.U.. I think that there is something wrong with Chelsea.. Do no.. maybe they not too motivated or don't have high self confident.. or they got nervous each time play in rival place.. emm and I also have a thoughts that maybe Chelsea has been cursed by magic spelling that made them lost or draw in each game lately.. I really love Chelsea but seeing them lost/draw for 6times in a row really make me hurt.. I thought that after John Terry make a comebacks yesterday, Chelsea will improved but it's bad coz they make a same mistake again and again. it's really great at first when I knew that Liverpool draw with 0-0 against Stoke, so maybe if Chelsea win, they can fight the 1st place in EPL'S table.. but poor Chelsea lost the chance to Man.U..and I can felt that Chelsea couldn't even enter the final round or be the runner-up if this mistake happen again. I had a strong feeling dat it will be Man.U and Liverpool in the end..ooh maybe Man.U can still hold their position as best club in Europe?..who knows..Chelsea back up! stop dreaming!.

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