Wednesday, March 31, 2010

heroine or tobacco less addictive compared to JUNK FOOD?

from the title above, u might be surprise as junk food much more worse than heroine or tobacco?..I have just read one article from the web..this results have been proved by recent research on rats by Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter..they fed the rats with cheesecake, bacon and sausage..all these food are high in fat calorie and after certain period, the rats showed addictive final proof, the rats were given an electric shock, however surprisingly the rats not showing any fear to the punishment, but the rats continue eating the food as they have been addictive and passionate to the junk overwhelming! other group of rats were given heroine and cocaine but the brain scan results showed more addictive strentgh to the junk incredible..thats the power of junk food..u better be careful on what u eat!..stay a healthy lifestyle..beautiful is happy=)

*(pictures credited to google)


  1. I know it's very true..because I'm a food addict T_T

  2. haha..u shud tried to control your addiction krazy!



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