Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dr. Hida birthday celebration

wow, yesterday was really surprise and unexpected birthday celebration for my ex-supervisor during my undergraduate time.. actually the party was all arranged by the biomeds junior who were doing their project under Dr. Hida. at 1st, I really do not know anything about this party until I came down and met Shiq.. coincidentally and unexpectedly when I came down and got to know this, I was really happy coz I was really welcoming to join the birthday party..yeah.. we all went to Anuar Tom Yam Restaurant in Kg. Baru.. the junior have already prepared with choc indulgence secret recipe's cake.. it's really sweet.. then, the menu were so fantastic. I'm so full until I pass my dinner that day..can you imagine it..hihi.. happy birthday Dr. Hida! may god bless you and cherish you..

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